Tailor-made Private Gardens  

Let Your Dream Come True

Be it Mediterranean-style parks at Lake Garda or typical rural gardens on mountain slopes: Each garden is different from the other – just like its owners. Its place, the personal preferences, the required care and its purpose - all in perfect harmony. We create gardens that reflect your personality. 


Modern Garden Architecture

Unlimited Possibilities for Your Garden

Accurate planning guarantees that your garden becomes the reflection of your ideas. Our experts and specialists combine all the elements for a perfectly harmonising garden. Romantic spots, natural oases with water gardens, Mediterranean- or alpine-style gardens – our creativity knows no bounds.   

Uniqueness blossoms from the perfect harmony between the different garden elements, such as the lawn, the flowers, the hedges or water bodies. Thanks to our experience and – next to our green fingers – our green eyes, we pose the necessary tiles for a coherent image. That's how your garden becomes and stays a source of happiness. 


Allover Services 

Our first meeting, the individual planning, the final execution: We offer all services related to garden design. We will take care of everything, from the plants and the swimming pool to the pavement of your terrace.   

The advantages of an allover service:
tailor-made concept
a single point of contact for all questions
smooth coordination and management by our project leaders
fast and timely execution
no unnecessary or hidden costs
after commissioning, we cover all or part of the planning costs

Do you want to redesign your garden or create new green spaces? We will be happy to rethink your outdoor spaces together with you.   

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Got New Ideas for Your Garden?  

Be it a new garden architecture or the redesign of single spots: We turn your garden into a park of dreams. Contact us for a non-binding first consultation. We will be pleased to help!  

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