Water in All Its Forms

The Water Garden – a Paradise on the Doorstep

Water is the origin of life and a source of inspiration for us humans. A water garden brings this precious element right to your doorstep. It does not matter whether it is a small pond for your private garden or a bio pool for your hotel: We plan and design your natural oasis.   


Unique Water Gardens  

A Place of Contemplation to Evade Everyday Life

By observing water bodies, we get moments of quietness. The grass swings following the rhythm of the wind, the birds sing their merry songs off the trees. We lose ourselves in our thoughts while the everyday routine fades away. A water garden is a synonym of peace and gives humans, plants, and animals natural habitat.  

The harmony within a water garden attracts. We follow your preferences when taking into account all our design options. Would you like a playful fountain, a vast bio pool or many little ponds linked by brooklets? Everything is possible.

Who Can Build a Water Garden?

A water garden fits into any type of ground and suits private gardens as well as hotel parks. A well-designed park provides a retreat for your guests and serves as an esthetical eye-catcher in a hotel. There is no need for sophisticated care or maintenance; the water stays clear and clean without added chemicals or apposite technologies.   


Tschigg is your partner in designing water gardens of all sizes. We offer consulting, design and realise your natural water dream in your garden or the green spaces of your hotel.  

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Got New Ideas for Your Garden?  

Be it a new garden architecture or the redesign of single spots: We turn your garden into a park of dreams. Contact us for a non-binding first consultation. We will be pleased to help!  

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