Garden Planning by Tschigg Garden

Best-Practise Garden Architecture

Do you have a gorgeous piece of land right in front of your home but don’t know what to do or where to start? What about a quick, creative chat? Then, a lovely 3D rendering? Followed by a comprehensive project, an overall concept we will carry out meticulously?

When we plan, we unite creative minds and best practices. Sounds good? Great! You might want to put your outdoor dream in our hands.


From sketch …

… to ready for fancy

We do not engage in planning only to deliver a put-to-paper theory of your garden saloon subsequently carried out randomly by a random third party. Instead, we design the concept based on practical experience, so your project is guaranteed to result in your oasis of well-being.

We start with a commitment-free first meeting, exchange ideas, translate them to a 3D model, plan each detail, take over the construction supervision - and of course, the construction itself. Eventually, we will hand you over your outdoor living room ready for fancy. Now it’s up to you: Fire up the grill!

Nevermind an extra budget for the planning: In the case of a total order from the first sketch to the perfect idyll, we will credit the planning - partially or entirely, depending on the order volume.

Garden Planning by Tschigg Garden

A personal contact for all questions
Customised garden design
Drafting and/or 3D rendering of the project
From sketch ...
... to ready for fancy
On-schedule realisation
Transparent costs
Best-practice planning
Full or partial assumption of the planning costs




Construction phase I

Construction phase II

Construction phase III


After at night



Got New Ideas for Your Garden?  

Be it a new garden architecture or the redesign of single spots: We turn your garden into a park of dreams. Contact us for a non-binding first consultation. We will be pleased to help!  

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