Natural Water Retreats for Body & Soul

What an Eye-catcher: Bathing Fun Surrounded by Nature  

Crystal clear and natural water surrounded by a wide array of wildlife: A bio pool stands for wellness and immersion into nature the whole year through – just like an actual lake. 


Genuine Naturalness for Your Private or Hotel Garden

A Bio Pool Not Only Catches the Eye by Revealing Valuable Life Forms in Nature.  

It gives exhilarating moments through its crystalline and soft water. There is no smell of chlorine, no pollutants, and no burning eyes – only pure nature. Its inhabitants keep it clean, so no added chemicals are required. The water stays natural and clear.   

Watch this combination of breath-taking beauty and easy maintenance. The pond's individual biological filter system keeps up a natural ecological balance. Other than standard swimming pools, there is no need for chemical agents. The pool will be sealed through a special foil, which creates a Mediterranean or elegant atmosphere depending on its colour - blue or grey.  

What Shall We Consider with a Swimming Pond/Bio Pool?  

It requires space to enhance the biological characteristics of a bio pool or swimming pond. However, also smaller gardens are open for some options. Being a simulation of a natural body of water, the pond will transform itself through the seasons: The flora requires special treatment and fallen leaves must be removed during autumn. In winter, the pond can be used for ice skating provided there is regular maintenance and cleaning.   


Planning, Design & Care  

Do you long for your personal natural retreat as an alternative to a standard swimming pool? Our team is always available and supports you in planning and designing your bio pool or swimming pond. If needed, we also take care of maintenance and cleaning.  

Tschigg is your partner in designing bio pools and swimming ponds. We offer consulting, design and realise your natural garden oasis.  

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Got New Ideas for Your Garden?  

Be it a new garden architecture or the redesign of single spots: We turn your garden into a park of dreams. Contact us for a non-binding first consultation. We will be pleased to help!  

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