Get Your Personal Dive-In

Your Swimming Pool, So Beautiful!

A good swim before breakfast. Games and fun with the children on a hot summer day. Or swimming lengths after work to unwind – a private swimming pool is a reliable source of leisure and relaxation.   


Get Out of the House & Dive In

A Private Swimming Pool in Your Garden Is the Perfect Place to Unwind

Once a luxury object, now a dream that may come true: Thanks to simple technologies and modern materials, we can build excellent value for money swimming pools. Moreover, maintenance and cleaning are not as complicated as you might believe.   


Modern Swimming Pools

Just rectangular or round? No way! We design your swimming pool just as you like it. By considering personal preferences and requirements, we use different forms and materials.  

Swimming pool types:
Polyester swimming pools
Stainless steel swimming pools and steel-lined pools
Mosaic & natural stone pools
Mini pools
Concrete swimming pools

Who Can Build a Swimming Pool in the Garden?

Be it a mini pool to play or a vast pool for your guests: A swimming pool is a perfect add-on to private gardens or hotel parks. There are multiple forms and sizes; they are customised or prefabricated. We adapt your pool to the place where it will be installed, its purpose, and your preferences. You will get a tailor-made swimming pool – eternal happiness guaranteed.  


Tschigg is your partner in designing swimming pools of any kind and size. We offer consulting, design and realise your private pool.

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Got New Ideas for Your Garden?  

Be it a new garden architecture or the redesign of single spots: We turn your garden into a park of dreams. Contact us for a non-binding first consultation. We will be pleased to help!  

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